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The Freelance CEO Podcast is live

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Well… It’s finally here! My podcast debut!

Have you ever had a goal that seemed within reach but for one reason or another just took a lot longer than expected (or hoped)?

I did… I’ve had a dream of starting a podcast for years.

As I’ve been working with other freelancers for the past few years, I’ve come to appreciate my own “up and down” journey of business ownership. It’s far from perfect. In fact, I’ve skinned my preverbal knees more than just a few times trying to figure things out.

20 years later, those hard lessons and skinned-up knees have paid off.

And, I’m ready to tell the story…

The podcast is called The Freelance CEO Podcast. It’s all about the lessons I’ve learned, wins and losses, over the past two decades as a solo graphic, brand and web design business owner and consultant.

My hope is that stories from my past (and present) will help impact and encourage the journeys of other talented individuals who want to use their valuable skills, talents, experiences and passions to find freedom and joy while building a business that is stable and profitable

I’m putting together the episodes of season one that will launch weekly. But, the first episode is a simple introduction to me and a little bit of background as I officially kickoff this podcast journey.

So, I want to invite you along for the journey…

You can listen to the first episode using the link below as well as subscribe on your favorite podcast platform for future episodes.

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