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This Week’s Episode: 3 Compelling Reasons for Using Linkedin as a Freelancer

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I’m a graphic designer, web developer, tech nerd and small business owner with a wonderful family.

In 2006, I took my passions and past experiences and left my corporate cubicle. From there, I launched Redlogic.com, my freelance design agency.

It wasn’t a perfect or easy. But, I didn’t give up.

My freelance business grew despite years of mistakes, trial-and-errror and hard lessons.

Now, my business generates a consistent 6-figure revenues—year over year.

And, now, my mission is to help other freelancers like you do the same.

Freelance CEO podcast

A Podcast Designed and Created Just For You, the Freelancer.

Are you ready for a podcast that gives you actionable tools and strategies that you can implement into your business?

With detailed examples, proven techniques and leaders in the freelance industry, this podcast will earn it’s spot in your must-listen list of podcast favorites.

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