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One Word for 2019—Courage

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I’m not big into New Year’s resolutions. But I do love the idea of starting off the New Year with a clean slate and setting goals that will help me grow.

A Time to Reflect

I spent some time during the holidays this year to reflect on the events of 2018. I took time to really be grateful for the blessings that I was given.

It’s also a good time to account for struggles or hardship and identify ways in which I was able to grow stronger, or perhaps be reminded of areas in my life that still need more of my time and attention.

2018 might have been a rough year for you. It certainly gave me some challenges to work through. We’re better if we can learn from the hardships and challenges that we faced?

We should take the good and bad from 2018 and let it help us grow in 2019.

Starting Off the New Year with One Word

For the past several years—instead of creating a list of resolutions (most of mine never stick)—I have picked ONE word that will become the catalyst of change and growth for me in the new year.

And, because, it’s just one word, it’s easy to remember and stay motivated.

This word helps me guide my decision making and how I set priorities throughout the year.

This year, I’m choosing the word “COURAGE” because I want to go beyond what’s comfortable in the areas that are really important to me.

Seven Areas of Priority In My Life

  1. Family
  2. Faith
  3. Field (Career)
  4. Finance
  5. Fitness
  6. Friends
  7. Fun

Keeping Your Word in Front of You

To be effective, we need to keep our word in front of us throughout the year.

To help myself, I’ve created a custom image for the lock screen wallpaper on my iPhone.

Having my word and goals on my iPhone lock screen will ensure that I will have ample opportunities to review my word goals all year long.

I’d love to hear your word of the year for 2019. Please take a moment to share it with me on our Facebook page:

Here’s to being grateful for all the good in 2018 and becoming who we were created to be in 2019!

Stay awesome!


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