The IGNITE Business Accelerator is for brand, web and graphic designers who are ready to be the confident CEO of your business, unlock your earning potential, and find new freedom with less stress.

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It's time to raise your prices, work with amazing clients and be the confident CEO of your design business.

Just imagine what life can be like when your design business is profitable, sustainable and scalable....

You know how to find and book clients you want to work with.

You know what to say to get your client’s attention, and you put yourself out there with confidence using simple and proven marketing strategies that doesn’t require you to run ads, create complicated funnels or live on social media.

You know the value of your skills—and your pricing reflects it.

You quit undercharging and confidently present offers to your clients that are in line with the value you provide…and your clients are thrilled to pay you!

You confidently charge more than you used to (and you're not worried about the competition)

You’re 100% confident in the value you that provide and what is possible for your clients when working with you that you don’t even blink when making a premium offer.

Your design business has built-in boundaries that are easy to manage.

You’re no long an overworking people-pleaseer. You know how to create healthy boundaries  and know exactly how to handle awkward situations with confidence.

You're creating a full-time income without working a full-time schedule.

Getting booked out without working all the time. You don’t just know how to get clients, how to make premium offers, sell confidently and run projects like an ace—you are only working when you want to.

You're the CEO of your business, but you're never going it alone.

You belong to a community of sharp, talented designers with unique skills, talents, experiences and passion—who love ot support each other and want to help each other win.

“Every IGNITE session pays for itself many times over!”

“Working with Mat has completely transformed both my business and the way I think of myself as a freelancer. I knew I had some design skills and a strong work ethic, but I didn’t know where to invest my time, what to charge, or how to find new clients. I’ve been working with Mat for 2 months, and I now have a full schedule, I’m turning clients away, and have nearly doubled my hourly rate. Save yourself the time and trouble of reinventing the wheel – every meeting with IGNITE pays for itself many times over! I look forward to sharing wins and asking questions every week, and each meeting makes me feel less isolated and more empowered. I’ve even found new clients directly through the group. I can’t recommend IGNITE highly enough!”

Lucy Holtsnider


Meet Lucy: artist, educator and IGNITE member

Meet Isaac: Marketing Consultant and IGNITE member

“I was about to give up on my dream of growing my business.”

“There’s a lot of gurus out there who are gonna tell you that with their training or course is gonna turn your business around or make you a certain amount of money. Yet, as soon as I started receiving communication from Mat, I sensed something different. I could really tell that he was there to serve and that his heart was to help people like myself.

I know this sounds crazy, but before the end of the eight week IGNITE Business Academy was over, I had made more money in my business during that eight weeks than I had in the entire year previous.”

Isaac Fabian


It's time to reach your potential and create the freedom, flexibility and financial independence you want in your design business.

(My freelance business has allowed me to make some incredible memories with my favorite people. A couple of photos from the Winter Olympics in South Korea and Jackson, Wyoming—our favorite family vacay spot.)

Hey there! I’m Mat

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working with freelance business owners all over the world to help them grow and scale their businesses.

My mission is to help individuals own their unique talents, experience and passions and help them become confident, profitable business owners.

I’ve spent 10 years working for some of Kansas City’s premier corporate web development teams and advertising agencies before launching my own freelance business. I’ve managed web and marketing communications for Fortune 500 clients, while teaching marketing and business development to other creative professionals along the way.

I left my corporate cubicle more than 15 years ago to start my own full-time freelance design business—and I have never looked back.

In 2016, I founded Freelance CEO because I want to provide guidance and support to others who want to build a vibrant, profitable freelance business, versus those that are stressful and inconsistent.

Ignite freelance business membership

Compare the cost of one year inside the IGNITE Accelerator with just ONE college class.

Packed with revenue-generating information you won’t learn in design school!

What Design School Won’t Teach You:

  • How to find a customer that is a good fit for you
  • How to price your product for profit
  • How to manage projects and workflow
  • How to budget your time and resources
  • How to control your expenses
  • How to write proposals and estimates
  • How to generate recurring-revenue
  • How to market your skills and services
  • How to manage your tax and IRS responsibilities

The IGNITE Accelerator WILL!

What happens if you don’t make a change?

If you choose to stay with your current business model of chasing one-time sales, you will find it harder and harder to keep up.

You will never get a chance to enjoy the freedom and joy that the freelance lifestyle affords because of the overwhelming stress of finding new clients and making new sales month after month.

Every new month, you will be starting at the beginning. Hoping enough sales are out there to carry you through to the next month.

You will only hope that your customers will come back and buy from you again.

But, we both know that ‘hope’ is not a very good business model.

I’m going to change your mind…

Starting a freelance business (or any business) requires you to make some shifts into new ways of thinking. The old way of doing business means you post your portfolio on your website or social page and pray someone sees it and contacts you. But hoping customers see you and buy is stressful, exhausting and unpredictable.

That’s why I’m pumped that you are interested in IGNITE.

What I will teach you will help you build your business in a way that makes finding clients easier. By simply changing the way you think about your skills and talents, I will help you have the confidence to keep taking strategic steps that help lead to clients that love you, keep hiring you month after month and paying you the rates that you deserve EVERY SINGLE TIME.

 What is included in the IGNITE Accelerator?


IGNITE Business Academy

An 8-Week Course specifically for Design Business Owners



Private Community

Regular Q&A Sessions

Guest Expert Trainings

Backstage Pass - A Look Into Mat's Business


Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Access to the Entire IGNITE Training Vault

No product… no clients… no experience…

Check out what others have said…

gives you the tools to launch and grow your freelance business!

Remove the fear and guesswork of being a successful freelancer.

In IGNITE, I will share with you all the tips and tricks I’ve learned as a freelancer over the past 25 years. The membership can save you thousands of dollars and many years of mistakes. I’m pumped to be your coach and your freelance mentor.

In IGNITE, we will work together monthly and I will show you how to:

  • Get answers to your questions and make progress
  • Learn step-by-step, how to promote and market yourself
  • Find new clients and setup pipelines to drive them to you
  • Get the sale and negotiate the most profitable deal
  • Price projects and get paid what you’re you’re worth
  • Master your skillset and grow complimentary skills
  • Streamline processes for greater productivity

Meet Joyce: public relations expert and IGNITE member

“IGNITE just feels like a family”

“As a freelancer, you’re working on your own. And, if you hit a wall, where do you go to get those answers or feedback? The IGNITE Accelerator community is so great. Our weekly Accelerator calls are like a shot in the arm! The group shares your wins, and is encouraging. But, also shares your pain when your week hasn’t been as good. It’s worth way more than the financial and time commitment that I’ve made. Just try the IGNITE Accelerator and see for yourself.”

Joyce Allard

Joyce Allard Communications

What topics are covered in IGNITE?

  • Getting results for your client, recurring work and referrals
  • Budgeting and finances (insurance, retirement, benefits, profit)
  • Taxes and legal (IP, copyright, contracts)
  • Systems and productivity
  • Multiple revenue streams and recurring revenue
  • Identifying your unique value proposition
  • Branding and promotion
  • Marketing and lead generation
  • Pricing and proposals
  • Negotiating and winning work

What is NOT included in IGNITE?

  • Wondering if you are charging the right price for your work
  • Spending a lot of time figuring out the best tools to use
  • Not being sure of the next step to take to grow your business
  • Wondering what it would be like to work from home (or anywhere)
  • The frustration of not getting consistent work
  • Feeling like you have no one who can answer your questions
  • The fear that you have to have all the answers to be successful
  • The grind of doing it all by yourself.
  • Guessing how to maximize your profit-earning potential
  • Wondering how you’ll earn enough to leave your 9-to-5

“I have been part of the IGNITE Business Accelerator for over a year and can’t speak enough about how impactful it has been in my professional growth. With Mat’s leadership, the community builds into one another with encouragement and accountability. I believe getting great business advice and instruction from someone who has already trail-blazed the path of freelance is vital. You can try it alone and learn everything the hard way, or you can have the help of others who’ve already done it to guide you. I’ve chosen the latter and I hope you do too!”

Paula Hays


“I know this sounds crazy, but before the end of the eight week IGNITE Business Academy was over, I had made more money in my business during that eight weeks than I had in the entire year previous.”

Isaac Fabian


I designed a list of website packages after my session with you; right before a call with a new client. I sold him on my idea, and then showed him my three packages. Would you believe it, he picked the Cadillac! It worked just like you said! Holy cow!

Lucy Holtsnider


“The support and constant exposure to new ideas and best practices has helped me grow and improve my personal and business skills.”

Cheryl Aufdemberge


“In the first 10 minutes of our coaching session, Mat identified a valuable source of traffic and leads for my business.”

Brian Juhl


“Being a new freelancer, Mat always has valuable answers to my questions. Because of him, I now know I will be successful.”

Kayla Weers


Here’s everything you’ll get in a year of your IGNITE Accelerator membership when you enroll now!

IGNITE Business Academy

An 8-Week Course specifically for Design Business Owners

($1200 Value)


Private Community

($397 Value)

Monthly Q&A Sessions

($597 Value)

Guest Expert Trainings

($297 Value)

Backstage Pass Into Mat's Business

($297 Value)


Monthly Coaching Calls

($497 Value)

Access to the Entire IGNITE Training Vault

($997 Value)

Worth: $4,282.00

Ignite freelance business membership

Business Academy


The IGNITE Business Academy is a live, 8-Week Course designed to help you establish a solid business foundation and prepare you to grow and scale a profitable business.

(a $1200 Value)

“I know this sounds crazy, but before the end of the eight week IGNITE Business Academy was over, I had made more money in my business during that eight weeks than I had in the entire year previous.”

—Isaac Fabian, Academy Graduate


Try it out for 30 days.

I know that you’ll love this membership so much that if you do not believe that this membership is the best value of it’s kind, forward the receipt to me with the subject “Not For Me” … and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

… and we’ll still part as friends. Is that cool?

See? You don’t even have to decide right now. Get access to the membership, use the training, implement my system, build your business, because you have a full 30 days to try it out risk-free.

Mat Casner Freelance CEO

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