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Free Summit for Designers: 2 Bonuses for Pre-Registering

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Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or just getting started, there is a ton of value and information to take away from a free summit for designers: the Simply Profitable Designer Summit. This is a five-day, 40-session summit focused on creating a more profitable design business. 

I’m excited to be presenting at the summit this year. Last year I attended as a participant along with 4,000 fellow designers and I was BLOWN AWAY by all the information, strategies, and advice presented.

Mark your calendar for March 15-19 and get ready to amass a TON of knowledge and value. Pre-register here for BONUSES! (scroll down for details)

Pre-register Here

There are valuable sessions in store for designers at every stage of their design business. No matter the stage, the more knowledge and skills we can gain as business owners, the better!

pricing • getting clients • creating content for your blog/website for your customers. • Getting referrals • sales funnel design • backend office processes • client onboarding strategies • profitability • Business branding • Design retainers • recurring revenue …and so much more!

Ready to sign up? Registration for this free summit for designers starts March 1 but I encourage you to pre-register now. When you do, I’ll give you access to my bonuses, designed to maximize your time at the summit and gain clarity on what you’ve learned. I’ve been to a lot of conferences, and there’s nothing more frustrating than going to one and then being overwhelmed with all the information.

My bonuses will help you gain clarity, maximize your time at the summit, take action and get the best results!

Pre-Registration Bonus 1

A pre-summit call where we talk about specific strategies to get the most out of the summit. I’ll go over how to pick the sessions that are right for you, right now. I’ll help guide you through it.

Pre-Registration Bonus 2

At the end of the summit, I’m offering a post-summit wrap-up call where I help you digest everything you consume in the summit helping you get crystal clear on how to implement all this great knowledge that you’ve learned!

When you pre-register for the SImply Profitable Designer Summit, you will receive access to these bonuses and an email reminder as soon as registration opens.

Remember, the Simply Profitable Designer Summit and my bonuses are absolutely free. It won’t cost you a dime. Just register, sign up and take the value away, and then implement what you’ve learned!
Pre-register HERE.

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